10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About the Hair and Beauty Industry


If you want to take your salon to the next level, but you’re not sure how, maybe it’s time to look at how your competitors are rocking the hair and beauty industry.

What are they doing that you’re not? We’ve got the info, so can plan your next spectacular success.

1. They Embrace an Environmental Ethos

One of the first things your competitors have embraced is an environmental or ethical mission statement for their company. There are growing numbers of customers who search for niche hair salon brands like Aveda because of their environmental and ethical credentials.

This combination of wellness, health and beauty credentials is particularly attractive to clients who want organic, chemical-free products and aren’t willing to compromise. As well as saving the planet, ethical products and companies tend to attract high-end clients who are willing to pay a premium for sustainable hair and beauty services.

2. Their Customer Service Rocks!

The most successful hair and beauty salons train their staff to put client satisfaction at the very heart of everything they do. Australian company Masci Hair and Spa realised that their hair salon clients wanted the same level of attentive service as they received in the company’s spa business.

This discovery changed everything. Hair stylists were retrained by their beauty therapists to make every moment of the client experience deliberate and considered, from appointment booking to complimentary massages. Now staff training is an ongoing process, with salons closing for training every quarter to refresh and develop staff customer service skills.

3. They Serve Top Quality Refreshments Every Day

Part of every salon’s routine is offering clients refreshments during any hair or beauty treatment. But the quality of these refreshments isn’t always as good as the rest of the service. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to improve things.

Many salons have opted to boost their beverage offering by buying a professional coffee machine that can make high quality lattes, cappuccinos and mocha coffees. Investing in coffee machines like our Jura E6 P.E.P. allows hair salons to offer their clients bespoke espresso, Americano or cappuccino coffee with freshly foamed milk at one of eight strength settings. It’s pulse extraction process technology enables the machine to produce a full coffee flavour, whatever clients’ individual tastes.

In the same way, organic teas and specialist organic juices have also proved popular with customers during daytime appointments, while offering glasses of prosecco or champagne can go down a treat with evening clients or with bridal parties.

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4. They’re at the Cutting Edge of Specialist Hairdressing Techniques

Hair and beauty salons that offer the latest specialist colour and styling techniques can prove very popular with clients who want to stay at the cutting edge of the fashion industry.

Your competitors are making sure that their stylists are up to date with the latest hair techniques such as Brazilian blow drys, Keratin treatments, and specialist colouring skills. To boost their profile, these salons make sure their stylists have an opportunity to work with high-profile brands and showcase their skills at events in their local area.

Some businesses go further, offering niche hair salon services like a blow-dry bar, where clients can pop in for express styling from a simple wave to a glamorous up-do. They’re a hit with style-conscious young women who want to look good on the go.

5. They Offer a Range of Tempting Spa Treatments

Salons aren’t just a place to get a hair cut anymore, as your successful competitors already know. Today the most popular salons also offer a range of wellness treatments, such as different types of massage, reiki, aromatherapy, and skin treatments.

As well as booking individual treatments, clients are increasingly likely to want to combine hair and wellness services in their appointments.

Salons that have incorporated extras such as essential oils and facial massages into their hair appointments have found that customers will happily pay more and stay longer at the salon for what they perceive as enhanced value and experience.

6. They Combine Hair with Manicures, Pedicures and Nail Extensions

Nail bars have sprung up everywhere in the last few years, and many of your successful competitors have decided to ride the wave of their success. For many clients, booking a manicure, pedicure or nail extensions appointment is an inexpensive way to treat themselves.

Being able to combine these services with hair cuts allows salons to take advantage of the popularity of nail bars to attract more fashion-conscious customers, who may also be interested in more adventurous hair styling and colouring options.

7. They Train Staff in Permanent Make Up Techniques

Most hair and beauty salons have offered professional make up and eyebrow shaping as part of their bridal service for years, but recent trends towards permanent make up and eyelash tinting call for beauty technicians with a whole array of new skills.

Your competitors have trained their staff in permanent make up techniques that target the busy beauty-conscious women in their area who otherwise couldn’t go for these techniques.

They are unlikely to go to a tattoo parlour or expensive beauty spa, but they trust your brand and are thrilled at the opportunity to get treatments that suit their lifestyle. It’s a golden opportunity!

Hair and Beauty Industry, Niche hair salon, hair salon demographics

8. They’re All Over Men’s Hair and Beauty Treatments

A relatively neglected section of hair salon demographics, your savvy competitors have figured out that men’s health and beauty services have bags of revenue potential. Whether it’s the growing popularity of specialist barbering services or ‘manscaping’ wax treatments, top hair salons have been quick to offer an expanded range of beauty options.

The trend for men’s facials and skincare products is attracting male customers to salons for the first time. Many young professionals are keen to keep their appearance sharp and groomed, and are increasingly happy to pay for eyebrow tidy ups, spray tans, professional nail services and aromatherapy massages. Your competitors are already on it, why aren’t you?

9. They Offer Flexible Hair and Beauty Services

Some clients can’t get to a hair salon because of hectic work and life commitments, so your competitors now offer flexible hair and beauty services that meet their needs.

These innovative salons have created mobile services that brings their complete hair and beauty offering to customers whether they work long hours in the financial district or are getting married in a remote countryside location.

Busy clients like these are willing to pay a premium for the convenience of getting hair and beauty treatments when and where they can fit it in their lives.

At the same, some clever companies are capitalising on their quieter periods to offer clients themed drop-in sessions, such as a ‘Blow Dry Breakfast Club’ or ‘Lash Tuesdays’ to attract clients through discounting and special offers.

10. They Love Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments

With a whole range of non-surgical beauty enhancements now available, some hair salons have decided to embrace this trend, training their staff in treatments such as Botox, microdermabrasion, contour rollering, and CACI non-surgical facelifts.

Many of these techniques can have a transformational effect on clients, and coupled with top quality hair and make up treatments can be a great way to wow new clients and gain a devoted local following.

Your competitors have seen the potential of including these treatments in their salons and are reaping the financial rewards. What’s stopping you from doing the same?

One of these ideas could turn your salon into the next rising star of the health and beauty industry. Buying a professional coffee machine from our Jura range is one way to wow clients and provide a positive experience to remember. But which of our top tips will you pick?

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