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Bravilor Sego

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Bravilor Sego

The New SEGO from Bravilor is the ideal Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for locations such as Offices, Showrooms & Reception Areas where Customers and Staff can help themselves.

Featuring a clear and concise touchscreen, users can easily navigate through the Menu and select your drink of choice from a variety of options.

The SEGO includes a 1.2kg fresh Bean hopper, in addition to dual ingredient canisters for Milk and Chocolate.

Drink options include Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Cafe au Lait & Latte Macchiato which are all expertly prepared from Bean to Cup.

The SEGO also features additional selections such as Chocolate, Espressochoc & Hot Water.

Cleaning and Maintenance Cycles are performed easily when prompted on the Touchscreen display.

In addition to the innovative Design and quality components, the Bravilor SEGO now features an Energy saving mode when the Machine is not in use.




The SEGO Bean to Cup Machine includes one bean canister and two canisters for instant ingredients.  You can offer many different drinks thanks to this variety of ingredients.

The range of drinks depends on the ingredients you choose. Topping (powdered milk) and cocoa are usually the ingredients that are picked.

Using these instant ingredients and fresh coffee beans, you can serve various drinks like Coffee crema, Café au lait, Cappuccino, Espresso, Espreschoc, Americano, Latte macchiato, Moccachino, Hot chocolate, and Hot chocolate deluxe. Naturally, you can also offer hot water, for tea or soup.

When the Sego hasn’t been used for a certain amount of time, the machine will automatically go into energy-saving mode.

Compact footprint The Sego is suitable for many locations. After all, the machine takes up very little space thanks to its compact footprint.

Moreover, the Sego can operate perfectly without a fixed water connection thanks to its additional pump set and water bottle/tank.

The Sego has been developed for locations where a consumer machine is not sufficient but a large,professional machine is too big and often too expensive such as smaller offices with a limited amount of counter space, waiting rooms or your local bakery around the corner that wants to offer an extra service.

The Sego can be connected to an external payment system and read remotely (telemetry) using an MDB service set.


The touchscreen will communicate the maintenance activities. For example, when the waste bin needs to be emptied, when the machine needs to be descaled, and when the brewer needs to be cleaned.

In addition, the unique hot water system minimizes scale build-up which naturally means less maintenance. We’ve also considered the housing. The stainless dark housing is made of brushed stainless steel.

The black fingerprint resistant coating ensures that fingerprints are a thing of the past.