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Carimali Blue Dot

£2,995.00 (£2,995.00 inc VAT)

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Carimali Blue Dot

£2,995.00 (£2,995.00 inc VAT)

Reliable, Robust and Compact, the Blue Dot Coffee Machine from Carimali offers a range of Drink options from Bean to Cup.

The Carimali Blue Dot is the perfect Coffee Machine for any Small/Medium sized Business looking to produce 50-100 Cups per day.

Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Latte & Hot Chocolate are just a few specialities available for selection, which are expertly prepared using either Fresh or Powdered Milk at the touch of a button.

The Carimali Blue Dot Coffee Machine offers great flexibility and the many configurations are just some of its strengths.  Despite its compact size there is room for two brewers (Espresso & Freshbrew). The machine height is lower than 60 cm, so it can be fitted in any standard kitchen cupboard.  The Blue Dot can be connected to the water supply in 3 configurations: – Internal water tank, direct water connection or both.


user friendly design

Dedicated software developed to set and check all machine parameters directly from the computer, laptop or tablet detect the presence of small or big cups and dispense the right drink accordingly small cup for espresso and big cup for cappuccino. The user-friendly 4.3″ TFT Screen allows users to easily navigate through the extensive menu to tailor each drink to their liking, this ensures the Carimali Blue Dot would fit seamlessly into Offices, Showrooms, Reception Areas or any other Self-serve environment.

Versatility & optional add ons

Despite its compact size, the Carimali Blue Dot includes a wide range of options including the choice of 1 or 2 Grinders for Standard and Decaff Beans. In addition to the standard 2 Ingredient Canisters for Milk and Chocolate, the Blue Dot Coffee Machine has all the versatility to include an optional third Canister and is available with a Fresh Milk option to further increase the in-cup Quality.

easy Cleaning & Maintenance

All cleaning operations are completely automatic to save time and cut down on operating costs. The operator takes only few minutes to start the cleaning, which runs automatically. The Carimali Blue Dot is defined by a modular concept and snap-in design.  All the components are subject to periodic cleaning cycles (coffee group included) and simply removable without any tool.


Low, 75-100 Cups


Hotel, Offices, Restaurant/Bar, Showroom, Small Office


Fresh Milk, One Touch, Plumbed, Powdered Milk, Tank Fill

Types of Machine

Bean to Cup

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