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Expobar Monroc

Expobar Monroc

Reliable and Robust Traditional Expresso Machine, the Expobar MONROC is an ideal Machine for any small to medium business.

Featuring the same internal components as its more exclusive counterparts, the MONROC does not compromise on performance yet is an affordable option with its its simple and clean outer design.

The Expobar MONROC includes an 11.5ltr Copper Boiler with a pressure release valve, Volumetric Pump and a direct Pre-Infusion chamber which allows the Barista to consistently produce a sumptuous Espresso.

With the addition of 4 programmable Coffee Doses per Group, this ensures maximum control when producing single or double shots.

The MONROC comes complete with High Group Heads, this is essential when using Takeaway Cups.


The Expobar MONROC offers sites that are operating on a smaller budget to still be able to offer their customers a variety of high quality espresso based Coffee specialities.

Combined with its full stainless steel outer casing and high quality components,  the MONROC offers fantastic looks and performance way above its price point.

Incorporating a large 11.5ltr capacity copper boiler with electronic group head control, you can be sure that the MONROC machine will deliver a perfectly brewed espresso or cappuccino to your Customers every time.

MONROC is an efficient espresso machine that fulfils all demands for a nice espresso in a simple and easy way. The user-friendly functions of the machine are based on well-tried technology,  ensuring the MONROC is a reliable and solid machine that you can really trust year after year.


• Built-in volumetric motor pump, equipped with two retention valves and solid particles filter

• Copper boiler with pressure relief valve

• Group head with direct pre-infusion chamber

• One steam arm and one hot water tap

• Heating element low water cut off

• Automatic back flush program

• 4 Program doses settings

Types of Machine

Traditional Espresso


Coffee Shop, Restaurant/Bar

Types of Model



2 Group

Technical Specification

Machine Groups Boiler Element Turbo Frother PID Weight Width mm Depth mm Height mm
MONROC 2 GROUP 2 11.5 ltr 16amp Hard Wired No No 48 Kg 650 530 480


All Monoroc Packages Include

  • Grinder
  • Waste Drawer
  • Bestmax Water Filter
  • Motta Barista kit inc Tamper & Milk Jug
  • Cleaning Kit
  • FREE Delivery
  • Installation
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