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Jura Z6 Black Alu


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Jura Z6 Black Alu



The Jura Z6 Coffee Machine sets new standards if you are looking for quality and functionality from a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine at Home.


Smart Connect allows you to access the Jura Coffee APP to program your favourite Coffee specialities and settings  to your Tablet or Smartphone.  Simply touch your selection on your Tablet/Smartphone and enjoy.

The new Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) technology optimizes extraction time to increase flavour & Crema for each Coffee speciality.

The Micro-Foam frothing system allows you to easily change the consistency of the Milk during preparation between steamed and foamed Milk, allowing you maximize the texture variants for a perfect Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato or the new Flat White.


The NEW Jura Z6 design features a pure 3mm Aluminium Front and now comes in a stunning matt Black finish in addition to the already popular Aluminium.

A precise high-resolution screen features un-rivalled customization to allow users to personalize 6 favourite Drink selections on the front screen by renaming them and choosing their position,

Customizing your Coffee has never been easier with the addition of a user friendly TFT Screen allowing you to choose the exact quantity of Milk, Milk Foam and Coffee to prepare your perfect Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato or Flat White at the touch of a button.

With a extensive choice of 10 Coffee strengths for each Drink, combined with the new Pulse Extraction (P.E.P.®) Technology,  this ensures a thick, rich Crema when making the perfect Espresso.

The New Jura Z6 Black is ready to link to your Smart Device with the Jura Smart Connect transmitter also included as standard, just download the Jura APP and start transferring your favourite Coffee preferences to your Tablet or Smart Phone.


  • High-Resolution TFT Screen to make Programming and selecting your favourite Coffee selection as simple and user friendly as possible.
  • 12 Drink options such as Ristretto, Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato & the very popular FLAT WHITE
  • Pre-Brew Aroma System to extract MAXIMUM aroma for each drink
  • Intelligent Water System to ensure your Machine knows that quality Water is being used to produce the highest quality Coffee
  • Adjustable Coffee Temperature, Intensity & Strength settings. This allows each Coffee enthusiast to tailor each selection to their individual tastes perfectly.
  • One Touch Milk specialties which gives any user the ability to effortlessly select their Cappuccino, Latte or Flat White, and their choice will be prepared within seconds without having to move the cup
Machine Options

Machine Only, Add 0.6ltr Milk Cooler, Add 0.6ltr Wireless Milk Cooler

Types of Machine

Bean to Cup


Home, Showroom


P.E.P.®, Fresh Milk, One Touch, Tank Fill

Machine Package

  • Smart Connect
  • Jura 2 in 1 Cleaning Tablets
  • Cappuccino Cleaning Liquid
  •  Jura Claris Smart Water Filter 50L
  • 500g Italian Coffee Beans
  • 24 Household Warranty
  • FREE Delivery