The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Hospitality In Salons


As hair and beauty salons compete for customers, salon entertainment has become an important way to win clients and enhance their experience. It’s a well-known marketing fact that by giving something away, customers feel obliged to respond and are more likely to spend money with you. Suddenly, looking after your customers seems more like a money-maker than an additional cost.
Deliver quality salon entertainment by implementing these six ultimate cheats to enhance your customers’ experience and keep them coming back for more.

1. Pamper your customer before their treatment begins

Customers don’t just come to your salon for a haircut or treatment. They come for an experience. A great customer encounter starts with a warm greeting as soon as they come through the door. Elevate your service by using your customer’s name and place the focus of conversation firmly on them as you take their coat.

Rather than simply offering a cup of tea, why not provide customers with a menu to choose from? You could include tea, coffee, water, juice and prosecco or even splash out on champagne at Christmas. Not everyone can drink caffeine or dairy, so invest in dairy free milk and herbal teas to ensure you cater to everyone’s needs.

While access to free magazines is standard practise, being asked by your therapist what kind of magazine you would like them to bring over isn’t. And today, free Wi-Fi is a must. Give your customers the username and password as a standard part of your welcome package before they have to ask.

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2. Treat those who aren’t paying as your guest

If your clients are often accompanied by a friend or partner who patiently sits and waits while the work is done, why not extend your hospitality to them too?

This is an unexpected gesture and a great talking point. By showing that you care about the well-being of those who are important to your client, your hospitality is taken to another level.

3. Continue to treat your customers well even when things go wrong

Unfortunately, not all clients will be happy with their haircut, treatment or service. Sometimes their complaints will be justified and at other times they will be fussy or plain wrong.

Whatever the situation, how you deal with you client will impact not just on their experience but on how others see your business. Research shows that far more people would share a negative customer experience with friends and family than a positive one. And, with everyone on social media, a bad encounter could reach large numbers of people.

So, go one step further than apologising and rectifying the fault or giving a refund – throw in a free service and turn a negative into a positive. Your customer will leave feeling content and may even become an advocate for your business.

4. Make your clients feel important with a VIP event

The benefits of hospitality are nowhere more evident than at VIP events. Thanking your clients for their loyalty with free food and drink, offers and discounts makes them feel special. Allow them to invite a plus one and let new customers know where you are and try your services.

You’ll need to invest in some hospitality equipment to effortlessly provide food and drink and present a professional image. A top of the range, customisable coffee system like the Jura Z6 is great for a launch and beyond.  Offering barista-quality americanos, cappuccinos, lattes and the ever popular flat white, sets a precedent for quality and care. Adjust the temperature, strength and intensity settings to provide perfect coffee every time.

You can also tie your hospitality in with annual events – coincide your parties with times when people want to look their best, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Offering free mini treatments to showcase your beauty salon services and products, and provide on-the-day discounts that will encourage your VIPs to buy or book in later.

Salon entertainment, Benefits of hospitality, beauty salon services, hospitality equipment

5. Welcome local businesses

If you want to try something a little different, host local business networking parties. Get to know your neighbours and indulge them with a mini-treatment. Not only will you find new clients but you are more likely to get cross-referrals and extra clients through the door.

Take business recommendations one step further by teaming up with local business owners to provide store discounts. Not only will you encourage people to shop locally, but you’ll have an added extra to offer your customers.

‘Clients look forward to coming for a coffee at the salon and find it improves the experience while providing a relaxed and more comfortable setting. Customers who mention the coffee on offer and look forward to it re-book on most occasions’

Sally Almond, Business Owner @ Sugared Almond

6. Follow up your appointments with personalised advice

A great customer experience doesn’t stop at your salon door. Help your clients beyond their appointment with a personalised service. Manicure preservation tips or advice on how to maintain their new hair style shows your customers you care and provides a point of difference to other hair and beauty salons.

Provide your clients with a personalised product recommendation to extend the benefits of your service. Not only will your clients be thanking you for looking so fabulous, but your bank balance will be rosy too.

Supply this after care face-to-face or, better still, contact your customer by email with a link to a salon-branded article on the topic. Encourage them to share on social, and they’ll act as brand ambassadors, spreading the word for you about your excellent service.

Enhancing your client experience with salon entertainment is something that requires a little focus. But it’s well worth the effort. By extending a warm welcome to anyone who steps through your door – either in the course of business or during special events – you’ll keep them coming back, get them to spend more money and secure referrals too.

If you want more information on how to retain your customers, download our guide: “10 Loyalty-Driven Ways to Get More Salon Clients to Return”.

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